Comedian DL Hughley claims BLM Has Nothing to do with the Torture of a Handicapped white Kid, tries to link Dylan Roof to Conservatives.

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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Listen as has-been comedian DL Hughley, a man known for ignoring facts if it makes black people look bad, tries to link Dylan Roof to conservatives because of "things he said" without listing anything he said, because the 4 Black Lives Matter supporters who tortured a white kid is being linked to Black Lives Matter. Once again we see how Liberals are trying their hardest to link Dylan Roof to conservatives, despite him being nothing more than a racist.

No Mr. Hughley, you're simply a racist. Trying to project someone who has nothing to do with conservatives, to conservatives. Meanwhile ignoring comment after comment on their facebook pages of the 4 thugs praising Black Lives Matter, They're not the same.

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