Riots Continue to Tear Mexico Apart As the Peso Plummets and Gas Prices Soar 20% Overnight

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MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — Authorities arrested 48 men in connection with a protest that evolved into a large scale riot and the looting of numerous downtown stores. The protest appeared to be connected to Mexico’s most recent spike in gasoline prices.

Nuevo León Authorities confirmed the arrests of 48 rioters on Thursday night. The suspects allegedly assaulted other citizens, journalists, and caused widespread damage to private property as well as state, local and federal buildings.

Aldo Fasci, spokesman for Nuevo León’s security services, said the government supported the citizen’s right to peacefully protest but the government would go after the agitators who sparked the violence.

Much like in the rest of Mexico, the protests began in a peaceful manner. However, a team of agitators reportedly traveled to Nuevo Leon from the central part of Mexico and infiltrated the protest sparking the violence.

“The provocation was evident,” Fasci said. He stated that the individuals currently being interviewed by state officials speak with accents that are particular to the central part of Mexico.

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