After 'Painfully Embarrassing' Hearing Clock Boy's Lawsuit Against Pundits Dismissed

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Twitchy reported back in September that Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamed and his father had filed a defamation suit on Ahmed’s behalf demanding apologies and retractions from several defendants, including Glenn Beck and The Blaze, Ben Shapiro, and Irving, Texas Mayor Beth Van Duyne. Shapiro, for example, was accused of “making fun of both the President and Ahmed” during a Fox News appearance. PJ Media reports that District Court Judge Maricela Moore on Monday dismissed the suit after a three-hour hearing, which, according to the American Freedom Law Center, included Mohamed’s lawyer spending a “painfully embarrassing 15 minutes flipping through reams of paper” to find evidence that any of the defendants had said anything false or defamatory. Apparently the judge is smarter than Obama & new the whole thing was a scam from the beginning.

Legal proceedings might not be over just yet, though. The family of Ahmed Mohamed, he of clock fame, will likely have to pay $200k+ to targets of frivolous libel suits. Don't bother calling your buddy Obama for a loan either kid, he ain't answering your calls anymore. Ken White of the blogging collective known as Popehat says that Mohamed’s family is about to feel the impact of Texas’ vigorous anti-SLAPP statute, meant to discourage frivolous lawsuits: The court has now issued orders granting the motions and invited these defendants to submit affidavits documenting their attorney fees for recovery. I’m going to estimate that those fees from these defendants will total between $200,000 and $300,000. Mohamed’s only consolation is that the court refused to make the findings necessary to pile separate monetary sanctions on top of the attorney fees. -- That’s a shame.

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