Girl Instantly Regrets Putting Doll Eye Into Her Own Eye Socket

Posted by The King Slayer 3 years ago in FAIL!
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WHY?! If you want to get some “cool looking etes” go to a gag shop like Spencers. Get some cat or spooky contacts and put them in like a normal person. DON’T USE A DOLL EYE! They put stuff like choking hazard on kids toys… I guess we have to go back and start adding don’t put this in your eye ball warnings. The Facebook comments on this Moms post are pretty brutal. They are blaming here for the whole thing manily because she uploaded the video. One comment said: “you are lucky i dont know where you are. I would have CPS (child protective services) on your ass so fast. you would never see her again.” Others were calling her out for filming and not doing anything about it. But if you don’t film, how can you go viral!! The Mom wrote: Bad idea for child to put in a doll eye. Look what happened to my daughter. .

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