FAUXCAHONTAS Senator, Elizabeth Warren, REFUSES her Challengers DNA Test Gift

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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Let’s just get this out of the way up front: this was just a cheap, shameless stunt by a political opponent to gain some publicity against a popular sitting senator … and we kind of love it. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, an Indian-born American who is challenging Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her Senate seat in 2018, noted Sunday that the Senator had refused his birthday gift: a DNA test. (Editor’s note: We’ve blurred out Warren’s address.) This is the greatest tweet I've ever seen in my life. Seeing as he has “Defeat #FakeIndian Elizabeth Warren” right at the top of his campaign website, it’s pretty clear what Ayyadurai was trying to prove. Fox News picked up on the stunt.

Fox & Friends: “Elizabeth Warren's Indian born challenger for senate makes a dig by sending her a DNA ancestry test.” -- Now THIS is frikkin hilarious! I like Mr. Shiva already, Bwahahaha!!!! Insanly hilarious, I just want to tweet about it all day. V.A. Shiva my new fav follow. LOL -- Sen. Warren take the darn test. You may be in for a surprise and discover you are descended from one of the Twelve Tribes (of Israel)! -- We’ll be honest: We don’t know much about Ayyadurai and his political platform, but he’s certainly captured our attention. -- V.A. Shiva: “Thanks Fox & Friends for sharing our disappointment with America. It's time we have leaders who tell the truth about who they REALLY are.”

Troll Level "Pegged off the Dials" Genius! Best $99 Campaign Ad EVER!!! Troll Level: MASTER -- I've followed him online for weeks...he keeps, ahem, banging the war drum of "send a real Indian to beat a fake Indian". :) -- Well, he’s persistent. That's surely going to ruffle some feathers.

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