Tammy Bruce UNLEASHES on CNN "They Can't Squash Trump like a bug, so They Went after a Private Citizen"

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Conservative broadcaster Tammy Bruce bashed CNN for identifying the Reddit user called “HanA**holeSolo” and contacting him for comment, after the president tweeted out the social media he created depicting Trump body-slamming the network.

“They realized they can’t quash Trump like a bug, so they went after this private citizen who has nothing to do with Trump,” Bruce said Wednesday morning on “Fox and Friends.” “(He) made this meme that the president picked up, and they decided that they could get their pound of flesh from this individual.”

The CNN report did not identify the man but included an explanation that could be construed as a threat to reveal his name if he continued posting offensive content online.

“Now all of Twitter — social media, in general — you’ve got everybody coming together on this,” Bruce claimed. “It’s not a conservative or liberal thing — people have been shocked that they would go after a person like this who has no recourse and no resources to deal with this shocking event.”

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