FLASHBACK 1990: CNN created fake news back then as well in order to promote the first Gulf War

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Where the CCN Gulf War Broadcasts with Charles Jaco real meaning was he and the rest of the film crew actually in the Gulf at the time or where they using a fake back drop to report from regardless of whether what they reported was true in part or whole? One of the better arguments I’ve seen for this being fake is that there was not a sufficient time delay between Charles Jaco and the CNN Newsroom anchor he was speaking to. There was a pause however its hard to tell if its because of an actual delay or if it’s the loud siren making it difficult to hear the other person. I believe this was a fake broadcast, something done from some place other than the GULF because of the relaxed and joking nature amongst everyone there at times when they were not live. Back in those days when satellites were not as prevalent amongst user as they eventually became major networks broadcast their feeds openly and so if you had a dish you could capture raw/unedited video footage and that’s apparently where this came from.

I doubt anyone will argue that this footage includes unedited feeds, the times when those involved are not live on the air but are still sending a video feed to the source; to CNN. That said the nature of Charles and others there are too relaxing to believe they were anywhere near a real battlefield in the Gulf. Tats not to say they were atop of the CNN new building as some have said but only that they weren’t where the claimed to be.

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