Mysterious condition that causes toddler to cry tears of BLOOD

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in News
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A toddler has baffled doctors and terrified her parents with a mysterious condition that causes her to cry tears of BLOOD. Little Ahana Afzal, three, started bleeding from her nose two years ago while suffering with pneumonia and doctors put it down to a high fever. But now the little tot bleeds from her mouth, ears and eyes almost EVERY DAY despite having no visible scratch, leaving her exhausted and with crippling migraines. Her desperate parents Nazima Begum, 28, and Mohammed Afzal, 33, have spent more than a thousand pounds on tests - but still don't have an official diagnosis. Medics suspect he might have an ultra-rare condition hematodrosis - which gives sufferers to sweat blood.

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