Guy Gets Screwed By Fedex After Showing Proof Delivery Man Stole His Yeezys

Posted by The King Slayer 3 years ago in CCTV
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Background: I ordered the Zebras off on the 25th. Out for delivery via Fedex on the 28th. In this video what happens is the driver pulls up, goes into back, grabs my box and scans them as delivered. He then drives off without leaving package. I immediately issued a claim with Fedex and they gave the Natick, MA Fedex driver 48 hours to respond. He didn’t respond. Fedex manager in that office states that it would be out of the drivers character to steal…but hasn’t even tried to find my package. I also opened a claim with adidas and sent them the video. No help. I have filed a paypal dispute and adidas has just posted the tracking showing it is delivered. I am probably going to accept my L at this point…but I want justice.

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