G 20 Protesters Continue to Target Rich People's Cars Such As BMWs, Mercedes, and Porsches

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Police fired tear gas outside a prisoner processing center Sunday in Toronto where groups of people gathered to protest the arrest of G-20 demonstrators, a security spokeswoman said.

A total of 604 people have been arrested since the protests broke out June 18, said Constable Tim Garland of the Ontario Provincial Police. At least 253 of those arrests came on Sunday, he said.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper had harsh words for demonstrators who set at least four police cars ablaze and shattered several windows around the city during the weekend's protests.

"We obviously deplore the actions of a few thugs," Harper said at the conclusion of the G-20 summit.

Some of the detained protesters were released Sunday from the prisoner processing center -- an old film studio converted to a makeshift jail amid the protests -- while others were being held for bail, Ontario Provincial Police Constable Rodney Petroski said.

Some of those released emerged in their stocking feet, carrying a bag of their belongings and speaking about the conditions inside the center.

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