BLACK CLOUDS Fill the Skies of Germany after Leftist Rioters Destroy the City of Hamburg

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in War
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Protesters torched cars and blocked roads Friday as authorities called in reinforcements to try to control running street battles while leaders of the world’s biggest economies began talks.

Protesters — rallying around various anti-capitalist themes — played a game of cat and mouse with riot police as they tried to shut down major streets and disrupt the first day of the Group of 20 summit.

One street blockade forced first lady Melania Trump to miss an event with the spouses of other world leaders. President Trump remained the target of many protests.

In some parts of Hamburg, smoke billowed from cars set ablaze. Police armored vehicles fanned out across the city and helicopters patrolled overhead. At least 159 officers were reported injured since clashes began late Thursday, and at least 45 people were arrested, with 12 held in detention, police said.

Both numbers were expected to rise. On Friday, police used water cannons, truncheons and pepper spray to disperse protesters, who shouted anti-capitalist slogans in Spanish, chanted about democracy in English and heckled officers in German.

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