DAMN! Bull literally kills itself after horns are lit on fire at a Spanish fiesta

Posted by moku 3 years ago in News
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Shocking video shows the half-ton animal going crazy as flaming torches light up the night sky for a Spanish custom known as Toro Embolado – the Burning of the Bulls.

Tethered to a wood post, the bull goes demented the second it is released, swaying its head as the flames flicker across its face and a man hangs on to its tail.

Within seconds, the powerful black bull twists round and charges full pelt into the wooden post, striking its heads and slumping to the ground dead.

The video was shot in the small town of Foios near Valenica during the town’s Bulls in the Streets festival, a local version of the internationally famous event held in Pamplona each summer.

Earlier in the day, the bull had gored one of the festival-goers when the animals were sent running through the streets.

Bull Defenders United posted the footage on their Facebook page with the caption: “A bull despairs with the fire on its horns and crashes against the trunk to which it was tied.

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