Bro, I'm pretty sure you just rented a haunted hotel room!

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Video of a man's seemingly otherworldly encounter at a South Texas motel room is going viral, but some say the man who recorded his experience is pulling a fast one on more than 1 million people who watched the video.

Corpus Christi resident Frank Ramirez posted the video on Friday saying, "IDK what it is, but I know it was here. You be the judge. Hotel in Harlingen, Tx."

In the nearly 6-minute video, a phone comes off its hook, a towel is yanked off a bathroom counter and a hanger moves -- all of this without anyone touching the items.

Ramirez said he started recording after the third time the phone was yanked off the hook. He said he stays at the Country Side Inn often because he works in Harlingen. On this particular occasion, Ramirez was assigned room 38.

"It's never happened to me before in the hotel -- never experienced anything like that," Ramirez said

Before telling those who had watched the video which room he stayed in, Ramirez said a woman from San Antonio messaged him on Facebook saying she had stayed in room 38 and woke up "with her face scratched up."

Ramirez told KSAT he believed in paranormal activity before his ghostly stay, but his experience just solidifies his belief.

Some are saying Ramirez used some sort of fishing line to pull the objects toward him and noted how Ramirez appears to be moving backward each time the objects move.

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