Israeli Police Get Pelted with Rocks and Sticks Attempting to Arrest a Palestinian Rioter

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in War
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Arab residents were Rioting, blocking roads, burning tires and hurling objects at police yesterday in Jaffa (Tel Aviv), during protests against police brutality,after one resident was shot and killed by cops, while fleeing a scene of a shooting. At around 4:30am Saturday morning, police received a report of gunfire on Yefet Street, with the window of a butcher shop having been smashed. Policemen who were patrolling nearby were called to the scene. When they arrived, they noticed several masked men trying to escape via motorcycles. Police began chasing after them, and eventually shot at them while trying to stop them, injuring two in the process. One of them later died of his wounds. This deadly incident caused the riots in Jaffa during Saturday, which later resumed at evening when the funeral of the dead Arab guy was taking place. The funeral, which traveled from the deceased's home through the local mosque, turned into more riots.

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