NEVER GO FULL LIBTARD: MSNBC contributor wants general Kelly to tackle Trump to avoid going to war with N.Korea

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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MALCOLM NANCE: When decisions that are going to be — could be intensely controversial or even dangerous to the United States — I mean, this North Korean missile tests that they’ve been carrying out. If Donald Trump gets into his head that he’s going to burn that program out of the ground, with perhaps a nuclear weapon, well these generals are going to have to be the ones that are going to have to explain what the consequences of that. Because his consequence management skills are null.

JOY REID: Is Kelly the guy who’s going to say “yes, sir,” or he is the guy who’s going to say “don’t do it?”

NANCE: He may have to be the guy that tackles him.

REID: Wow.

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