Shocking Moment Thief Sprayed Acid Into The Mouth Of Terrified Shop Worker

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Accidents
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CCTV captured the shocking moment a shop worker was sprayed in the mouth with acid by a pair of robbers before being punched and kicked to the ground. Sadik Kamara, 24, and Joshua Jordan, 20, attacked victim Quyen Bui while she was working at a mini-supermarket in Hackney, east London. She immediately sounded an alarm. Grappling and pushing the pair, Mrs Bui, 51, was sprayed at least four times with industrial-strength drain cleaner, including to her mouth and right eye, leaving her with internal burns. The shop worker was then punched and kicked to the floor. Kamara and Jordan fled the scene, without saying a word and empty-handed, 30 seconds after Mrs Bui had sounded the alarm. Two other accomplices were involved and attacked Mrs Bui as she tried to leave the shop. The entire group departed the scene in a waiting car. Shockingly, Kamara and Jordan then carried out another attack just over a mile away, Wood Green Crown Court heard. The pair dragged another Vietnamese woman to the ground before spraying her with the same drain cleaner and stealing her Michael Kors handbag containing £575 in cash, her bank card and mobile phones. As reported in the MailOnline , Mrs Bui told the police: "The first man sprayed chemical in my face when he entered my shop. I looked up, thought they were robbers and pressed the alarm button straight away. "I pushed the first man and the second man out, lifted the (counter) gate and ran out. But a third and fourth man blocked me. One of them punched my right shoulder. I fell down, then they kicked me hard." Mrs Bui was treated in hospital alongside the second victim, Thi Le Nguyen. The shop worker had prevented serious injury by pouring water on her face but was still left with chemical burns to the mouth. Kamara and Jordan were later arrested after the former called for an ambulance - claiming he had accidentally squirted acid in his eye while cleaning. Both defendants admitted to the first robbery which took place on March 10 and Kamara pleaded guilty to 'applying a corrosive liquid to burn, disfigure or cause bodily harm' to Mrs Bui. The 51-year-old has been working in her son's shop for 10 years but has considered giving up work as a result of the attack.

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