Graphic: Husband Savagely Beats Wife And Her Lover Unconscious

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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Police are urgently seeking to find a man who beat his wife's lover unconscious after catching them in bed together, and was then filmed by his friend brutally attacking her.

The vicious husband named Vasily from oil city Salavat in Russian is seen punching and kicking his naked wife as she lay in bed with only a flimsy cover for protection.

In the appalling footage, she is already covered in blood from an earlier attack and screaming as he starts to land new blows, at one point jumping on the bed to kick her.

Named Nadia, she pleads with him: "Please don't. Please stop beating me."

The enraged husband asks her repeatedly "What did I do wrong?" that she needed to take a lover.

He told her: "I've wanted to do this for a long time. Did you think about children (when you slept with him)?"

Her severely-beaten lover is seen comatose on the floor, a towel over him, and also covered in blood.

The condition of the man and woman at present is not known.

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