UK Prisoners Party With Drugs, Vodka & Fast Food!

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A recent video and still images have emerged from inside a British prison of inmates showing off a hoard of banned items, including drugs, alcohol and takeaway food. Masked to disguise their identities, the prisoners are filmed bragging as they cook fresh cuts of meat, including chicken breasts and lamb chops. "That come over the fence, here we go!" says one inmate in reference to the meat. The festive atmosphere doesn't end there - photos (available on request) show vodka to wash the meal down and what appear to be large bags of cannabis, complete with weighing scales. Other photos (available on request) show some of the other items the inmates have somehow smuggled into the unidentified facility, including protein shakes, burgers and even a large meal from chicken restaurant Nando's. The images will likely raise questions about the UK's over-burdened prison system.

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