Fire Devil Blazing Tornado Caught On Camera In Portugal

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Nature
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A rare phenomenon, known as a fire devil, was caught on camera as it sent a vortex of fire and ash spiralling into the night sky as Portugal battled wild fires. The apocalyptic-looking sight was filmed on Saturday evening by Portuguese broadcaster TVI as 1,000 firefighters battled five wildfires this weekend. A ‘fire devil’ is a whirl of fire which looks like a tornado and consists of a core of ash and an invisible rotating pocket of air. Fire devils are created when a wildfire or firestorm creates its own wind, which then morphs into a vortex of fire. Portugal has been devastated by fires this year as the country suffered from drought. The deadliest fire in Portugal's history killed 64 people in June when it devastated the central region of Pedrogao Grande

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