Shocking moment Australian pensioner is punched in road rage attack

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A furious driver knocked out a pensioner with a vicious punch after the raging 72-year-old smashed in his car with a machete and then ran him over. Elderly expat Colin Gerrard was on his way to collect his eight-year-old daughter from school in Pattaya, Thailand, when he reportedly crashed into Sumet Rungratanapan, 28. Shocking dashcam footage from a car behind shows Gerrard grab a machete from the back of his vehicle and storm over to Rungratanapan. The fuming Australian then smashed in Rungratanapan's rear windscreen and passenger window before leaping back into his car and running him over. The pair then squared up to each other a little further down the road near Gerrard's daughter's school. Footage, filmed by a reporter at the scene, shows a traffic policeman standing between them as they carry on arguing. Enraged Rungratanapan yells "I have a clip" as his wife stands next to him shouting "how dare you" at Gerrard. But suddenly Rungratanapan sees red and punches Gerrard in the face, knocking him out cold on the pavement. The Australian was out for around a minute before he comes round in a daze with blood pouring from his left eye and onto his shirt as his daughter stands crying. The entire punch-up was filmed by a reporter who attended the initial traffic dispute. Both men were still being questioned by police today and are expected to resolve it between themselves. Each man's version of events differs about what sparked the incident at around 4pm yesterday. Gerrard claims that he indicated to turn right but the local driver tried to overtake as he pulled out - causing a minor scrape. Filmed by a reporter, Gerrard is heard admitting he was brandishing the large jungle knife. He says: ''Basically I held the knife to stop him. I said 'stop, stop'. He attacked me.'' Colin received first aid treatment at the roadside for a cut to the left side of his face. Officers calmed the situation and both men were ordered to attend Pattaya City Police Station today to be questioned over the incident. Police Lieutenant Colonel Nakhonrat Nonsilad, deputy leader of investigations, said: ''We have to hear both sides of the story and the injured man must get a medical certificate from the hospital as evidence of his injuries. ''Neither man has been charged. We have to wait for the interrogation of all parties, interviews with witnesses and check CCTV footage.''

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