Shocking moment cop grabs two girls before fighting teacher

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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A video has gone viral of a New Jersey police officer forcibly detain two girls before manhandling a teacher who tried to intervene. The clip was loaded unto WorldStarHipHop on Friday and already has almost 100k views. In the video, the police officer can be seen talking to one of the girls before another - dressed in a burnt yellow cardigan - steps in to help her sister. The officer then grabs this girl by her hair and slams her to the ground before the camera cuts to show him doing it to her sister as well. As both girls sit on the ground in disbelief, the officer then grabs them by the hair and neck and slams them to the ground. One of the girls is able to get up and tries to push the cop off her sister. Another officer latches onto her arm while talking to a teacher who has now stepped in in hopes of intervening. As the girl in yellow tries to stand, the officer still forces her down to which the teacher then physically tries to restrain the cop. he policeman then shoves the teacher back and the two get into a scuffle as the girl moves out of the way. Students scream in the background 'F**k y'all' in total disbelief that the officer now grabs the teacher by the head. As the children continue screaming the police detain the teacher.

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