THEY'RE TURNING! CNN flips on the Obama's! Asks Why They Are Silent on Harvey Weinstein's Pedophilia

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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CNN’s Dana Bash and Chris Cillizza both thought the Obamas’ silence on Weinstein was odd.

Following Hillary Clinton’s response to allegations of sexual harassment against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, CNN’s Dana Bash and Chris Cillizza wondered why the Obamas have remained silent about Weinstein.

“The other question is where are the Obamas? Where is Michelle Obama? Where is President Obama?” Bash asked. “I mean, it makes no sense at all that they are not coming out and saying something, nevermind the question of the donations.”

Cillizza then noted that there would be a huge outcry from Democrats if this had been a Republican donor who acted like Weinstein and top Republicans like former President George W. Bush didn’t respond to the allegations.

“The issue is this is behavior that rightly should be condemned. When you are the two most prominent faces in the Democrat Party, and they still are, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, the fact it went five days with not a word, I guess, I’m echoing Dana: just odd,” Cillizza concluded.

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