DO YOU AGREE? Colorado Teachers Are Now Being Trained to Use Guns for Self-Defense IN SCHOOLS

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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Colorado school teachers in at least one small town will now be permitted to carry guns in school in order to protect their students, their co-workers and themselves.

School officials in Briggsdale voted to approve the concealed carry of handguns for teachers, providing the educators participate in ongoing training.

Unfortunately for teachers in Wisconsin, they won’t be afforded the same self-defense protections. A bill to allow retired and off-duty police officers to carry concealed weapons at schools will not be put up for a vote.

Teachers at the Colorado school must agree to going to the firing range and shooting at least 100 rounds per month in order to remain in compliance with the guns-in-the-classroom program. Of course, firing 100 rounds just once per month is both an affordable and enjoyable training task for the majority of gun owners.

Briggsdale Superintendent Rick Mondt told local media that the rural location of the school makes arming teachers important. The school is about 20 minutes away from a police station.

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