WH Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly DOESN'T MINCE WORDS, Basically Calls the "Press Full of Shit" Right to Their Faces

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Almost every day some mainstream media reporter breaks a story about how the White House is in meltdown and the only thing standing between the nation and the abyss is Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly.

Depending which “scoop” you are reading, Trump also is about to fire Kelly or Kelly’s about to quit or Kelly is staying to protect the nation from Trump.

These scoops create a media and political frenzy that have anti-Trump politicians and media talking about invoking the 25th Amendment or some other type of intervention.

It all makes for good theater. It’s the same phenomenon I reported on when Russia was the hot media topic – a steady flow of anonymously sourced unverifiable accusations of impending doom.

In this entire media feeding frenzy, Kelly uniformly is presented as the adult in the room, the one honest person (in addition to Gen. Mattis) in the White House.

Well guess what. That one honest man just said those media reports are full of s***. Of course, he didn’t use that word, but I think that’s a fair paraphrase of what he said.

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