Horrifying moment performing circus bear lunges at handler in cruel stage show before being beaten back with sticks

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in Animals
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This is the horrifying moment a bear being forced to perform in a circus tried to attack his handler. The footage was captured on a mobile phone by an audience member. The video begins with the bear being cruelly led around the stage on a rope tied to its muzzle - and being forced to perform tricks including rolling a drum around the stage and spinning in a circle on his hind legs. As performers begin setting up the stage for another trick, the bear suddenly charged at its handler, knocking him to the ground as audience members scream while the jaunty circus music plays on. In the footage, the handler does not appear to be hurt and gets up instantly, as another man appears from back stage and begins to hit the bear over the head with a large stick. Another man seated in the audience also stands up with a stick, ready to step into the fray. However, after a few moments the handler manages to bring the bear back under control, pulling hard on the rope around its muzzle as it tries to run away and then forcing it to continue on with the act. The bear continues to perform, including pushing a bicycle around the stage and walking backwards on its hind legs, before being led off the stage in the city of Syktyvkar in western Russia.

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