Shocking footage of 5 YEAR OLD being cheered as he downs pint of Guinness

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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A young boy has been filmed downing a half pint of Guinness in a pub as adults whoop and cheer.

The unidentified youngster - who looks about four or five years old - can be seen playing with a toy car before he talks to the camera with the full half pint of the alcoholic drink in his right hand.

He then picks up the glass and starts to guzzle it down.

One of the men with him can he heard encouraging the youngster to "go on, keep it going" before adding "fair play to you boy", clearly impressed by what he is watching.

As the little one gets close to finishing the men get even more excited, with one saying: "Go on, all the way, you have it".

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