Eye-watering moment fishing hook is yanked out of man's eyelid after it pierced his skin in freak accident

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Accidents
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This is the eye-watering moment a man had to have a fishing hook yanked out of his own eyelid after it pierced his skin when he got angry about not catching any fish. Boat captain Chris Sheeder somehow managed to remain cool while a pal teased the hook from his eye before finally pulling it free. Chris had been on an annual fishing holiday with his wife in Alaska, in the USA, when he did a bad cast after missing a big fish. Within seconds, the hook had pierced through his eyelid's flesh. The 45-year-old claims he was 'lucky' not to have been blinded by the freak accident - however admits it was bad luck that he did not have his usual sunglasses on as it had rained.

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