Broken Bones and Bloodied These Rival New Zealand Gangs Fight It out in the Ring to Settle Beefs after a Series of Killings

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Earlier this year in New Zealand, hundreds of people attended an inter-gang fight night in the north of the country, to watch 20 boxing fights between members of 12 different gangs.

The event was held to build stronger relationships between the gangs after a spate of gang slayings in recent times. It saw bouts fought hard but in good spirits, with gang members who are normally bitter rivals showing good sportsmanship to one another.

Although the contestants are definitely ‘amateur’ fighters, they still went hard inside the ring, as can be seen by the videos below (and the fact that a couple of fighters ended up with broken bones).

Black Power gang member Tokomauri Hotene was involved in one of the 20 fights on the card and saw the event as a good thing in the push to end inter-gang violence.

“I don’t care about going home with a bit of blood on me. I’d rather that than going home in a box,” he told Fairfax news agency.

Whangarei Police area commander, Justin Rogers, said that law enforcement were in the area for the event but no significant problems were reported.

“Throughout the night, an increased number of patrols were in the CBD. It was a usual Saturday night in the city centre. The weather was poor and a number of bars closed early or did not open at all.”

There are now calls by some for the event to be held annually.

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