Bandits were live on Facebook when they were killed by police helicopter

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in News
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The video shows four young men inside a car listening to the funks. The three of them were doing a live broadcast on Facebook, on what seemed to be a quiet afternoon. Suddenly, still at the beginning of the video, the music stops and the bad guys start to hear shots.

At that moment, the suspect who holds the camera crashes and the image becomes static on what appears to be the floor of the car. In the background, it is possible to continue hearing the noise of shots, which were being made by the authorities, mixed with the funk prohibition that was being heard by the supposed security guards.

The action would have been triggered by the Homicide Division of Niterói, Itaboraí and S & e São Gonçalo and by the Coordination of Special Resources (Core).

Still according to the information, of the four suspects, three would have been killed and the room was shot. The operation would have been carried out to enforce arrest warrants again

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