BUSTED! Israeli Border Patrol Catches a Group of Palestinian Terrorists Planting Bombs

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in War
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Border Police released yesterday footage of the ambush and arrest of a Palestinian cell as it attempted to plant explosives near the West Bank security barrier. The arrest was made last Monday, when police forces watching a section of the barrier northeast of Jerusalem identified a suspicious vehicle approaching the fence. 3 men then emerged from the vehicle and began to set up an explosive device that included a gas canister. Police said their apparent intent was to activate the bomb against Israeli security forces patrolling near the barrier. Policemen approached the cell members and fired warning shots in the air. Two of the men were arrested, while one fled with the car. He was arrested the following night in the cell members’ hometown of Bayt Duqqu. The arrested, aged 17-19, were all indicted at the Ofer military court on Thursday.

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