Bizarre police chase involving pick up truck with flat tyres ends with fugitives passionately kissing as police train guns

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Police videos
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A two-hour police chase ended when the woman driver and a male passenger kissed each other while armed officers pointed guns at their heads.

The woman in a stolen pick-up truck had driven over police spikes and punctured the tyres, but carried on trying to escape.

Footage showed her smashing into other cars in a desperate bid to get away, before eventually pulling up in the middle of the road.

With her male companion, the pair then sat drinking alcohol and taking drugs inside the van, for half an hour according to police.

Eventually the woman was ordered out of the car.

She stood with her hands on her head as officers aimed at her and shouted commands.

But the man suddenly jumps out of the car and hugged the woman, refusing to let go.

He then kisses her, and caught up in the moment she kisses him back, lowering her hands for a moment, before putting them back on her head.

Eventually police used a taser to knock the man down, before he was arrested.

A spokesman for the Bell Gardens Police Department told KTLA5 : "Officers approached the suspects out of concerned for the safety of the female suspect.

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