Terrifying CCTV captures armed robbers holding elderly cashier at gunpoint before he chases them off with knife

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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Terrifying footage showing the moment an armed robber held a cashier at gunpoint while a group of thugs stormed the store has emerged.

Shocking CCTV clips show a group of six men charging into Ocker Hill Store, in Tipton around 7.30pm last night, the Birmingham Mail reports.

In the video, a hooded man - dressed all in black - can be seen pacing towards the counter before pointing a gun directly at the cashier.

Another camera installed at the front of the store shows masked men - including one who is carrying a cosh - raiding the store's shelves of various items.

As the robbery continues, the gunman leans closer to the cashier, holding the gun centimetres from his face and swiping at him.

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