"BEAST MODE" CNBC Economist Admits Trump's Economy Has Produced the Best Stock Market Rally of All Time

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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Nuclear threats aside, the Trump presidency has been an absolute blessing for investors. Because both Republicans and Democrats loathe him, nothing is getting done in DC. The markets loves gridlock — fucking loves status quo. But normality aside, all of his executive orders have been exceedingly bullish for stocks, especially the easing of regulations and the recent tax cuts he just passed.

Plus, the talking down of the dollar, saber rattling for more war, and a glibly confident bragging President about the performance of stocks has created an atmosphere of pure hedonism and it has trickled down into stocks and cryptos. You cannot compare the Obama economy or environment to Trump’s — for he literally doesn’t give a shit. He wants higher stock prices and he wants them now. He lives for this shit and will do anything that would paint him in a favorable light — a true narcissist. Wall Street loves this shit.

The crypto rallies are a byproduct of all the excess, a new gilded age of pot smoking degenerates spending inordinate sums of money, snapping pictures of their grotesque meals, all because they can.

Well, stocks are going higher because they can. Cramer acknowledges this ‘beast mode’ mentality that has gripped markets. You cannot deny its existence, believe me.

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