UN-FRICKIN-REAL!! MSNBC Guest Claims Supporting PROTESTERS In Iran Means "Advocating the Killing of Iranians", then Blames Trump for the Uprising

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“I’m heartened by the fact that people from the Obama Administration are getting together with people who are critics of the nuclear deal,” Kristol said. “To say, let’s put aside the past disputes and help the Iranian people. This is a huge moment and we shouldn’t be distracted by disliking Trump or disliking Obama or liking Obama. Let’s help the Iranian people against their repressive regime.”

National Iranian American Council president Trita Parsi jumped into the conversation. Parsi believes that the uncertainty Trump has created in the region, specifically regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal, accounts for a major reason why investments haven’t come into Iran, and the economy has suffered. Parsi went on to state that the Iranian people had been “tremendously patient” with President Hassan Rouhani, but that patience has now worn thin.

“And the root cause is because investments have not come in because of the uncertainty as to whether the nuclear deal will survive or not,” Parsi added.

Kristol responded by claiming that one can be upset with the “very minimal sanctions” Trump has placed on the Iranian government and hold the view that POTUS’s policies “are not fundamentally effective,” while simultaneously “be[ing] more respectful of the Iranian people’s desire for freedom.”

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