Jesse Watters Unveils the 2017 Fake News Awards Showing Just How Idiotic the Liberal Media Truly Has Become

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in Funny
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Jesse Watters breaks down the different types of news that exist in America today.

First is the outright "fake news".

Second is the "in the tank news" - The ultimate double standard from the media as they cover the exact same thing differently depending on the political affiliation of the subject of the story. Guess who gets a pass?

Finally, there is the "real news", like the great economic numbers that have recently been released following Donald Trump's first full month in office. But you won't hear much news that paints President Trump in a positive light from a lot of media outlets.

Until the media report fairly, accurately, correct the record and stop burying positive news for Trump, trust in the press will continue to erode.

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