Sickening moment a Good Samaritan beaten and run over by a 4x4 vehicle - which ripped his EAR off

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in CCTV
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A Good Samaritan was brutally beaten and then run over by a 4x4 in a horrific accident which ripped his ear off.

Martin McDonagh was left in a pool of blood after he bravely tried to stop a drug dealer bullying two teenagers.

But after his selfless act, the 50-year-old was hunted down by thug Nicholas Adair who used his large 4x4 vehicle as a weapon to ram into his already-beaten victim.

CCTV footage played to Leeds Crown court shows how the have-a-go-hero was first savagely beaten when he tried to stop Adair, 28, and another man, Tyrone Gentles, 30, from bullying two teenagers outside a shop.

The two minute footage ends with a groggy-looking Mr McDonagh lying outside the shop where the attack first took place and his face covered in blood.

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