Giant savage rats which 'jump for the THROAT' are overrunning tourist hotspots in Paris

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in WTF
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Giant, savage rats are 'jumping for the throats' of people in Paris, French media is reporting.

Much of France has been shocked by video footage of a huge build-up of the 'mega rodents' in a rubbish bin.

The video was shot by a Parisien on the banks of the River Seine - near Notre Dame Cathedral and the Orsay art gallery.

It was published on Sunday by the capital's local paper La Parisien.

A council worker says on the video: "For the past year, there’s been a proliferation of rats in all areas bordering the Seine.

"A colleague told me that a rat jumped at his throat, and another towards his arm.

"To my knowledge, there haven’t been any bites for the moment, but we shouldn’t be waiting for a tragedy."

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