Bystander livestreams moment police Taser thug who 'threatened to break cop's jaw and harm his children'

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in Police videos
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The moment police used Tasered a man who allegedly threatened to break a cop's jaw and harm his children was streamed live to users on Facebook.

Footage captured the driver of a white sports car in a tense confrontation with more than a dozen officers.

Sean Marcellin, 24, is seen getting into an angry altercation with a plain clothed police officer in downtown Queens, New York.

Jay Brown, who shot the video, said Marcellin spoke to him before the incident and said he was about to be targeted because of his skin colour.

Much of the exchange cannot be heard but one of the officers, wearing a black hoodie, is seen brandishing a yellow Taser and pointing at Marcellin while he sat in his car, the Daily News reported.

Marcellin, becoming increasingly angry, says: "I’m going to find out where you live right now and I’ll f**k your kids up.”

The officer responds: "Is that a f***ing threat? Because I will f***king Taser you".

Marcellin was then pulled from his car and stunned.

Speaking to the camera, the same police officer later adds: “The man tells me he’s going to break my jaw.

"I asked for his license six times, he’s been refusing since then. He’s now going to get locked up, or get a summons depending on my mood. Simple as that."

Marcellin was charged with making terroristic threats, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and driving without a license.

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