PATHETIC! Democrats Try to Shut down Congress Because a Republican Used Dem Tactics, Held up a Poster of Chuck Schumer

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in FAIL!
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Jennifer Shutt: “The is the floor chart the House is voting on. At question is whether or not it violates House rules and/or decorum.” -- Drew McCoy: “The Democrats are claiming quoting Chuck Schumer on the floor violates the rules of decorum in the House. That's… an interesting stance.” -- That violates House decorum? For what it’s worth, the House voted, and the whiners went down in flames. -- Jennifer Shutt: “House voted 224-173 that everything is fine. Rep. Byrne is back on the floor speaking next to the chart. Every time he starts speaking Dems begin yelling and booing.” -- Yelling and booing? What was that about decorum? -- Cristina Marcos @cimarcos: “The House voted that Byrne's poster was in order. Byrne is now trying to resume his speech. But Democrats keep booing him.”

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