Toddler is filmed expertly smoking cigarette in shocking footage that is being investigated by police

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in WTF
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A young girl has been filmed smoking a cigarette, just like an adult, in a shocking video which was posted online.

The tot, thought to be aged just two, can be seen constantly dragging on the slim cigarette, before expertly tapping it on an ashtray.

The girl who is sat on the lap of a man, who is also smoking, appears to be used to the adult activity.

The child is not coughing while smoking and seems practised at the activity, hinting that this is not the first time they have been given a cigarette.

It is believed the video was filmed by the child's parents, or other relatives, in the city of Vladikavkaz in south-west Russia.

Adults can be heard laughing on the background.

A man's voice can be heard asking the child about people they know and the child replies that some of them good and others are "f*****s".

The clip lasts two minutes.

In the end an adult asks the toddler to put out the cigarette.

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