Skydiver's Parachute Gets Tangled Sending Her Hurtling Towards Earth

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Accidents
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A skydiver has shared chilling footage of the moment her parachute got tangled and she fell through the air in a terrifying near-death experience.

Carol Murray Rodriguez, 44, said she continues to suffer the consequences of the horror jump 20 years on.

After the skydive went wrong, she suffered life-changing injuries, including a fracture which saw her thigh bone rip through her skin.

Carol still suffers chronic pain, has had 25 surgeries, was in a wheelchair for two years, and now has one leg longer than the other.

The PR professional said the footage of her 24-year-old self becoming tangled up in her parachute in mid-air in September 1997 still gives her chills.

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