EQUALITY!! Male Feminist KOs a Radical Feminazi for Slapping Him, despite Him Supporting Their Cause

Posted by moku 2 years ago in Funny
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Feminists are a special breed of collectivists that specialize on devouring an entire half of the human species; that is, the male gender. Male feminists are male allies of the feminist movement who perpetuate rhetoric pertaining to the mythical wage gap and patriarchal sociology. In a recent video published by Shermon Berguee on Twitter, a male feminist ally can be arriving to a pro-feminist rally, only to be berated and harassed by his female counterparts.

The footage is certainly angering to watch, as it seems as if the man in question is being betrayed by his fellow female activists. The division seen in the video can be attributed to the popular feminist notion that maleness itself as an attribute is intrinsically “problematic.”

Many on the internet have been quick to criticize footage, claiming that the left is quick to devoir itself. It is clear that with movements such as feminism, men cannot be allies, as they have been ingrained in feminist rhetoric as an oppressor by nature of being.

Is a man ever justified in hitting a woman? Do the differences between the sexes warrant a type of “special treatment” for one of them? The conversation on this topic is divided, though the man punched in the video above clearly did not commit any action to deserve being assaulted in the way that he was, especially by one of his ideological allies.

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