CNN FINALLY Admits That "Democrats Are More Radical Than Ever" before on Immigration

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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CNN’s Fareed Zakaria criticized Democrats for their far-left approach to illegal immigration on his show on Sunday, saying the party had moved away from mainstream American beliefs on the issue.

“Democrats continue to move left on economics, believing this will make them more credible populists, but polling shows the public is already with them on economic issues,” Zakaria said, pointing out the number-one issue that working class Americans disagree with Democrats on is immigration.

“The party is now more extreme on [immigration] than it has ever been,” Zakaria said.

The CNN host listed the Democrats’ extreme positions, which would have been unthinkable as party doctrine just ten years ago.

“Most [Democrats], for example, would have agreed that America’s current mix of immigration skews too heavily towards family unification and needs to attract more immigrants with skills,” Zakaria said. “Now, none will speak on the issue.”

And the CNN political analyst skewered the party for their stance on sanctuary cities: “The party today embraces sanctuary cities, suggesting that local authorities should ignore federal laws or even defy federal authorities who try to enforce the law of the land. Imagine if Republican mayors did the same with regards to laws they don’t like, on say, guns or abortion.”

Zakaria’s monologue comes the same weekend that Democrats shut down the government over immigration-related issues. If his analysis is any indication, the American people will punish Democrats at the polls for their out-of-touch views.

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