Terrifying moment blazing runaway car speeds down hill as cops and firefighters chase after it

Posted by The King Slayer 2019 years ago in Accidents
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This is the terrifying moment a runaway car sped down a hill on fire and spewing smoke as cops and firefighters chased after it.

The flaming driverless car raced down the hill for about 100 metres through a residential area as startled pedestrians jumped out of its way.

The fire that then broke out was so fierce that it even spread to a nearby house.

The car had burst into flames from a suspected electrical fault in the town of Cocentaina in eastern Spain's Alicante region.

Firefighters were trying to tackle the angry flames when the car suddenly started rolling forward and careened down a hill.

Video footage shot by eyewitnesses with smartphones shows a policeman chasing after the vehicle but struggling to keep up.

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