OUCH! Even CNN's Chris Cuomo Is Forced to Remind the Liberal Media Not to Fawn Over the North Korean Dictators Sister

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo took issue with the friendly coverage many American outlets afforded Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, at the Olympics this weekend.

Discussing the potential for talks between the United States and Pyongyang with a panel, Cuomo took issue with how some news outlets decided to cover the Kim-centric events.

“Do you think there’s an earnest move by North Korea to change its ways with a charm offensive?” Cuomo asked guest Gordon Chang before offering his own opinion. “I don’t buy it at all.”

“I thought it was silly how people were pointing out his sister as some type of new vehicle. This is a murderous, oppressive regime. She is a main official for it,” Cuomo continued, referencing media coverage of the younger Kim’s arrival in South Korea.

Chang, an expert on North Korean issues, affirmed Cuomo’s view, pointing out that Kim was there only to achieve sanction relief.

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