FLASHBACK: Obama's Ex State Department spokesman FLAT OUT LIED! Claimed the DNC Russian Dossier WAS NOT Used to Obtain the FISA Memo, IT WAS! ILLEGALLY!

Posted by moku 2019 years ago in News
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HARF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Well, I’m very impressed with Mollie’s ability to spin a conspiracy theory out of this. There is no evidence to support what she’s putting forward. Look, I think it’s interesting. It was certainly salacious when it came out. But I would disagree with something she just said, this dossier, while it may have got a lot of attention, isn’t actually what the Russian investigations are about right now. They’re about all these meetings that Trump officials had with the Russians that they were not honest about. They’re about possible ties. And nothing may come from those investigations. But let’s be very clear, they’re not based on that dossier. I have no idea who paid for it. I have no idea where any of this came from. But I suspect there’s some attempt in Congress right now on the Republican side to use this dossier and some of these conspiracy theories.

HEMINGWAY: In fact, this dossier was used by the FBI to secure a FISA warrant against an American citizen. It was also used by Obama officials and intelligence agencies to really get this whole Russian conspiracy going.

HARF: That’s not true, Mollie. I was in the administration. That’s absolutely not true. We thought this was a funny, salacious thing. The Russian investigations started because a bunch of other issues not related.

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