Cyclist smashes head-first into side of car without braking in suspected 'crash-for-cash' scam

Posted by The King Slayer 2 years ago in Accidents
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A cyclist has been filmed smashing head-first into the side of a car in what people are claiming is a suspected 'crash-for-cash' scam.

A dashcam clip caught the dramatic moment the cyclist goes through a red light and then smacks into the side of a car without any sign of swerving or braking beforehand.

The woman on the bike crumples to the road and lies absolutely still but viewers point out she moves her hand under her cheek after falling.

The incident was filmed in Lewisham, South London, by Antonio Moreira, who posted the footage with the comment: “She stayed in that position for a while.

"After I told the other driver about the dashcam, she recovered pretty quickly."

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