Moment students in Florida school are rescued after shooting

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A Stoneman Douglas student made an impassioned plea for lawmakers to put politics aside to take action to prevent another mass shooting after 17 of his classmates were shot dead in a brutal high school shooting yesterday.

Senior David Hogg, 18, urged 'policy makers take a look in the mirror and take some action' after former student Nikolas Cruz, 19, opened fire at his high school yesterday.

'Ideas are great, but without action, ideas stay idea and children die,' added the teen, whose articulate, 'common sense' response to the shooting has won him fans on Twitter.

Hogg was in his AP Environmental Science class when he heard a gunshot ring out at around 2.30pm.

The high schooler, a news director of the student TV station, said he initially suspected it could be a drill, so when the fir alarm rang he and his classmates dutifully filed out. That's when he saw a 'flood' of kids running in the opposite direction.

'So I started running with the herd and we’re running we’re actually running toads the freshman building,' he told CNN. 'And thank god a janitor stopped us.'

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