UNLEASHED! Reporter Elizabeth Harrington is FURIOUS of the Media's Flat out Hypocrisy, Non-stop Trump Bashing

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Washington Free Beacon reporter Elizabeth Harrington said the mainstream media has a "one-track mind" when it comes to covering the Trump administration, saying the press will focus solely on negative stories about the White House at the expense of all else.

Harrington and National Review editor Jonah Goldberg appeared on Fox Business to discuss the latest in the scandal over former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, and the conflicting timelines presented by the White House and the FBI over when the prior charges of domestic abuse by his former wives came to light.

Host Neil Cavuto said the relationship between President Donald Trump and the press continued to deteriorate, with both sides feeding the negativity, but he said the "hyperventilating" over single topics like the Porter scandal surprised him.

"Certainly we can get into all of the issues, including what's been happening with the markets, including the progress of the tax cuts and the effect on the economy, all of that," he said. "But it's all or nothing, and when it comes to this president, it's all bashing or nothing. What do you think?"

"Exactly, and you see it daily at the press briefings," Harrington said, saying all of but two questions a day earlier concerned the Porter scandal. "They're a one-track mind. If it's a new phony Russian story, all the questions are about that. If it's the stock market tanking, of course they seize on that."

Harrington said the flattering coverage of many outlets over North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's sister was framed in such a way because it was antagonistic to Vice President Mike Pence and the administration.

"It's really incredible, and this was widespread in the entire mainstream media," she said. "Everything is Trump bashing, even if they choose to side with the brutal North Korean regime."

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