MSNBC Regular Tries to BRIBE Pres. Trump Pass Gun Control, and Democrats Will Forgive Him for Supposedly Colluding with Russia

Posted by moku 2 years ago in News
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MSNBC guest Donny Deutsch said the media would “forgive” President Donald Trump for Russia, if he enacts stricter gun control laws, Friday on “Morning Joe.”

Host Joe Scarborough asked Deutsch why Trump would ever bother changing his stance on gun control, prompting the bizarre response.

“Donald trump has proven to be a coward. He’s proven to be a small man. He’s proven to be scared. He is so scared of his most extreme base,” Scarborough said. “He is a coward. Name one time when he hasn’t stepped out to try to show a little bit of original thinking, then he curls back up into fetal position and becomes cowardly … why would Donald Trump stop being a coward now?”

“My hope is that his ego is bigger than his cowardice,” Deutsch replied. “If you really think about it, no other president because of this weird place he’s in has been in this position actually to do it. He can be brave with really no down side. By the way, we would forgive Russia.”

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